Message from the SACCO Manager

Mpanzi is a Sacco in Kenya  committed to empowering our members for secure and sustainable livelihoods. Your money is more than a series of transactions—it’s an investment in a relationship.As a rural Sacco, Core is the ability to save, borrow, and invest wisely. It’s not only our scope of financial services that distinguishes us, but it’s the delivery of those services. That’s where we shine.

We make sure our services are available where and when you need us. Our mobile banking service for depositing your savings and paying your loan, add convenience and time to your busy day. We make it easy to save with us.

We take the time to talk with you and learn about your story with an enthusiasm and interest endangered in the SACCO world. The handshake, the small talk, the community connection, and the earnest attention to whole-business lending all strengthen our communities.

We pride ourselves on making you feel welcome and your voice heard. Whether a member calls, tweets, walks through our doors, or we meet at a community event, our true measure of success is in our reputation and the personal relationships we develop. Please say “Hello” when you see us in your neighborhood.

I hope you will let us serve you and learn more about the united way of doing business.


Joseph K. Muia

SACCO Manager